Sunday, November 9, 2008

Presentation Tips

I know there are umpteen number of tips out there about how to give presentations, how to prepare for preparations etc. I don't intend to repeat the same stuff here. Instead there is 1 point that is very important, at least in my point of view, and which I haven't seen in any of these lists.

According to me, one should always try to give the presentation from his/her own laptop/desktop. This case comes into the picture when you have a long presentation which will be taken by multiple speakers in parts. The reason giving presentations on another machine can be problematic is that you don't know the locations of most files and folders, how some things work/don't work on that machine, quirks thrown up by that machine on certain user actions etc. It wouldn't be a good experience to look flummoxed in front of your audiences when you can't find a particular window or folder :-)

So, in my opinion, using your own machine is one more stepping stone towards having a successful, smooth presentation

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